心靈瑜珈親子教室_孩子發脾氣_Bhakti Yoga Parent Child Teaching Lab_My Child Lose Temper

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心靈瑜珈親子教室_孩子發脾氣_Bhakti Yoga Parent Child Teaching Lab_My Child Lose Temper

Ida Poon You Tube親子教學_A Parent Child Teaching Lesson of Ida Poon in You Tube Channel

newphoto心靈瑜珈親子教室_孩子發脾氣_Bhakti Yoga Parent Child Teaching Lab_My Child Lose Temper


1. 每個人也有情緒或脾氣,包括孩子及家長,情緒是需要表達及宣洩的,只不過家長懂得適當地處理,但孩子不懂得適當處理情緒的方法,所以教懂孩子適當表達自己需要及了解及控制自己情緒的能力是終極目標的工作

2. 當孩子發脾氣時,家長先要深呼吸,沉住氣,以便控制自己的情緒,避免孩子情緒失控的同時,自己情緒亦失控

3. 繼而開始去理解及接受孩子的感覺

4. 給予孩子冷靜或反思的機會及時段

5. 亦可以嘗試協助孩子把負面情緒以合適方式表達出來

6. 在孩子冷靜過後,可以再與他或她探討發脾氣或忿怒的原因,協助孩子明白適當表達自己需要的方式,同時亦需學習理解或尊重家長自己、其他人或環境本身的限制或規則,以合適方式表達訴求,而非只用情緒表達感受。家長在過程中,需避免用懲罰去處理孩子發脾氣,因為根本不能解決問題。

7. 最後在父母與孩子的互動過程中,大家都需要學習及磨合,學會用合適的方法表達訴求,同時亦明白彼此的限制及尊重規則,讓孩子學習明白延遲滿足的重要性及各種宣洩情緒的方法。孩子要了解及控制自己情緒的能力,效果最佳的方法,當然是尋求專業指導,聯絡親子關係治療師潘姑娘2527 4000 / 9303 1671,學習情緒智商課程,快樂親子由你創,歡迎瀏覽 親子輔導/Parent-Child Counseling  http://www.bhaktiyogahk.com/parent-child/



1. 親子互動遊戲輔導 – 2至7歲的子女

2. 遊戲輔導 – 7歲以上的子女

3. 主題課程: 情緒智商/專注力訓練/理財智商/社交技巧/性教育/領袖訓練…2.5歲以上的子女

4. 兒童智力及心理評估,如智力評估、教育學習評估、讀寫障礙評估…2.5歲以上的子女

5. 親子瑜珈 – 3歲以上的子女




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Hi, I am a Parent Child Relationship Therapist, Ida. Today I will share with you about the topic of Child loss of temper. The most troublesome issue is the parent finds their kid loss of temper. Kid will shout, cry, lying, and some children even step the floor heavily, hit their head near the wall…The purpose is to fight for their parents and hope to seek their parents’ attention, recognition and compromise in order to satisfy their own needs or desires. Especially in public area, some children emotion outbreak is more serious. To tackle with the above situatiosn, the parents are recommended to be aware of the following points:

1. Parents should understand everyone commonly has emotions or temper, including children and themselves. The mood is needed to express and ventilate. But the difference is the parents know how to deal with their negative moods properly, but the children do not know it. SO guiding children to develop the abilities of expressing their own needs properly and understanding and controlling their negative emotions are the ultimate goals of the work

2. When the child has temper tantrums, parents firstly take a deep breath in order to escape the negative effects from their child to them. Avoid the child out of controlling, their emotions are also out of controlling at the same time

3. Then parents start to understand and accept the child’s feelings

4. Give your child the chance and period to cool down and reflect themselves

5. You can also try to help your child expressing and ventilating their negative emotions in properly way if you know

6. After the child is calm, you can discuss with him or her about the reasons of loss temper, help him or her how to express their own needs properly, but also learn to understand and respect the limitations from the parents, significant others or the environment and respect Rules. Adoption appropriate ways to express their desires rather than use of temper tantrums. Punishment is not suggested to adopt in the process since it cannot solve the problem rather than make the situation to be worse.

7. Finally, it is an interactive process between parents and children. We all need to learn and compromise, learn to use appropriate means to express our demands, but also understand and respect each other’s restrictions and respect the Rule. Then the children can gradually learn the importance of delayed satisfaction and a variety of emotion ventilation methods. In order to enhance children’s Emotional Intelligence ability, the best way is to seek professional guidance, contact Ms Ida Poon, a Parent Child Relationship Therapist 2527 4000 / 9303 1671 and learn Emotional Intelligence Training. Create your Happy Parent Child Relationship! Welcome to our website 親子輔導/Parent-Child Counseling  http://www.bhaktiyogahk.com/parent-child/


1. Parent Child Interactive Play Counseling – Child 2 to 7 years old

2. Play Counseling – Child over 7 years old

3. Theme Courses: Emotional Intelligence / Attentive Training / Money Intelligence / Social Skills / Sex Education / Leadership Training..Child over 2.5 years old

4. Children Psychological Assessment e.g IQ tests, Educational Evaluation, Dyslexia Assessment…child over 2.5 years old

5. Parent Child Yoga – child over 3 years old


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